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I have over 50 acres that I am caring for at this time.  A lot of that needs to be mowed several times a year.  I have found that it just take me too long to do that with a walk behind tractor.  So to handle those big jobs, I bought this old (1970) 80hp diesel tractor and have matched her up with several implements to handle these big jobs.

Here she is with a 7 foot chisel plow.  The lower picture shows the chisels in the soil.  They stir the soil without inverting it.  A chisel plow can help open up the compaction in old worn out soils.  They can do a good job penetrating down to about 12 inches.  Below that depth, there is a much more efficient tool to use.  I will post it in another picture.
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When spreading ammendments on larger fields, this drop spreader is just the ticket.  It is precise and is great for spreading very fine lime.  This type of spreader was made by many different companies and was available in many widths.  The most common width was 10 feet, which is what this one is.  This spreader happens to be a John Deere.