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These are Grey Tree frogs that sing to me outside my window each evening during the summer.
Tomato worm with parasitc wasp eggs.
These are the same sweet potatoes 10 days apart.  The two that I am holding are from several years ago and each weighed over 5 pounds and were tender and smooth all the way through when baked.
This is the Inchilium Red garlic crop for 2008.
I planted a solid wide bed of green onions in '08.
Cos lettuce 2008
Accorn Squash 2008
These are late Kennebec potatoes that were planted in mid June of 2008 in 3 rows per terrace with a spacing of 1 foot each way.  They were mulched and are looking great as of July 27th.
Roma type pole beans.  This is my favorite variety from Johnny's.  The name is Northeastern.
The bees were still working the wild flowers in mid October of 2007!
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In 2008 I had one plant of the Stokes Purple sweet potato amoung my Beaureguards.  It has very good flavor and retains its deep purple color when cooked.  This variety has not been released yet for me to grow.
I planted all my garlic around Thanksgiving in the fall of 2008.  That late planting was just fine but in 2009 it was a disaster to plant that late.  To the left you see the Elephant garlic just poked in the soil.  I covered it with a light layer of hay mulch.  The picture on the right shows you what it looked like on Janurary 19, 2009.  I just had some 2 degree weather and there is no tip burn. 
Young Butternut squash 2008