Bob Due's Terraced Gardens Farm  Premium Produce - Pesticide and Herbicide Free
For great service and high quality walk behind tractors and equipment that will last a lifetime visit Joel at Earth Tools.  He also has a vast selection of great hand tools.
This is an online book that shows the root growth patterns of most of the vegetable plants.  It will open your mind about what is under the plant and why you should use a bed system and very shallow cultivation or no cultivation with some form of mulch on the surface to control weed growth.
For those of you that are interested in your diet and its relationship to your health, you may want to take a good look at this online book by Weston A. Price written in 1939.  He documents the changes in human physiology when primitive people left their native diets for modern processed food.

My 5.7 acres is at 1101 Beason Ridge Rd., New Tazewell, TN. 37825.  The soil is a sandy loam with good drainage which is great for growing of many vegetables.  This location is mostly a Southern exposure and that warms up early in the spring and really helps to bring early crops to market.

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About 1990, I decided that I wanted to preserve a chunk of farm and garden history that I was very much interested in.  So today, I have the largest collection of commercial quality, walk behind rotary tillers in the United States.  I also have most of the advertizing and literature that goes along with each model.  This link takes you to my antique tiller site.